Joe Kurland’s “Reel to Steel” is released!

  Armory fans and friends,   It is with much excitement that we announce the posthumous release of “Reel to Steel”, a collection of metal versions of classic film scores by late Armory co-founder and guitarist, Joe Kurland. This was a passion project that Joe worked tirelessly on for almost four years, dissecting and arranging…

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We are incredibly saddened to inform you all of the passing of Armory co-founder, composer, guitarist and drummer Joe Kurland. Joe bravely battled pancreatic cancer for a year and passed away on December 11, 2021. He lived and breathed Armory and oversaw every step of the writing, recording, and production process. Joe will be so deeply missed by family and friends, and his spirit will live on forever in the music he so passionately created. Rest in peace, metal warrior.


“Dawn will come again
A flame in the dark
Dawn will come again
In perfect harmony
A life and the dream
The fire burns eternally”


Joe Kurland

Armory featured on Virgin Steele tribute album!

Our cover of “Love is Pain” is featured on the first ever official Virgin Steele tribute album, By the Gods: A Noble Tribute to Virgin Steele, which after years of delays has finally been released! This tribute album also features performances by Wizard, Iron Fire, Crystal Viper, Eternal Winter, and more! Released by Majestic Metal Records, By the Gods was supported by Virgin Steele’s David DeFeis who wrote exclusive liner notes in the 12-page full-color booklet. To get the album please go to Majestic Metal Records. Even though we recorded and mixed “Love is Pain” in 2009 and posted it on our myspace page, nobody probably saw it since who uses myspace anymore hehe? Thus to coincide with the release of this tribute album, we have finally made “Love is Pain” available to the general public on our official youtube channel. “Love is Pain” also appears as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Empyrean Realms. Hope everyone enjoys it!